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Chiropractic SG is Singapore’s trusted healthcare professionals when it comes to natural healing and optimising. We are a network of professionals aiming to transform South East Asia healthcare awareness in natural healings and optimising body performance on daily basis — achieving international healthcare quality with more and more affodable price every year for fellow Singaporeans and SEA citizens.

When it comes to Natural Healing, we focus both internal and external factor. Focusing three pillars of health — skeletal, muscular and cellular system, we allow your body to achieve synergy within and restore balance and always high in energy. Through our holistic care and services, you will realise you sleep better, can work longer hours, more energetic and able to focus better in all areas of life. Your body has all the wisdom to increase productivity and quality of life, we help condition it to maximise its potential through years of scientific research in chiropractic, supplements, strength exercises.

We envision a world free from manmade chronic illness, free from medication and surgery, where we empower your body’s innate healing abilities to achieve optimal health. 

Jay Tan, CEO, Chiropractic SG


At Chiropractic SG, we always put our customers’ wellbeing first. Thorough checking, detailed report, from childhood injuries to recent working lifestyle, all done in careful one-to-one session to provide you the best care. We care, therefore we understand. We understand, therefore effective.


Apart from tacking your medical issues, relieving your body pain, we always strive to inspire a healthier lifestyle, from dieting to daily exercise we are here to serve and to provide best education for our customers. We want all our customers to take full ownership of life and take care of themself the best they can.


All our Chriopractic Doctors are certified professionals. We uphold the highest level of work ethics, integrity, professionalism and service excellence for all customers. We treat each customer equally with love and passion. Our professional therapist can examine, identify, and prescribe exercise plans, lifestyle changes, postures adjustments to restore your body to opimum level in health. 

Safe, Proven & Effective

Through years of scientic research and holistic approach, all our treatments are safe, drugless, non-surgical, non-invasive, proven and have received endorsements by clinical healthcare experts and authorities in Singapore, Malaysia, and USA. These all natural approach are suitable for anyone regardless of age, sex, religion, race, lifestyle or careers unless stated otherwise by our healthcare professionals.

If you need any of the services do not hesitate to call us or feel free to make any enquiries.

We look forward to see you in our clinics.

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