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Infant and Children Chiropractic Care

Start Early Goes A Long Way

Children and Infants can and should undergo Chiropractic care. Our professional practitioners will assess your child’s condition and provide treatment using light pressure to gently realign the spine and maintain proper posture. If you wonder why we should send our kids for chiropractic care, just pay close attention what our little angels do most of the day – iPads, iPhones, TVs, video games, doing homework and reading a book all put the spine in a compromised position causing poor posture and negative lifestyle habits.

Kids previously did not complain about neck, back and shoulder aches like adults do but that has changed over the last 15 years and significantly increased over the last 5 years with more reliance on smartphone use. Children’s spines and joints are still very flexible and developing so this is an important period for children to get checked and receiver care prior to reaching full development and having an improperly aligned spine. If left unchecked modern technological influences will lead to hunched posture and an increase prevalence of neck and shoulder problems. This has already been found on X-rays of children in the last 5 years having a 25% more issues in the neck compared to children 5 years prior. Hence, we recommend chiropractic care for kids as a protective and corrective measure for their long term health.

Let us assess your child’s posture and examine for any misalignments as a spinal misalignment may hinder your child’s growth and postural development. We may even recommend an X-Ray for a detailed inspection if examination reveals larger potential issues. However, for most children Chiropractic care is for restoring natural posture and maintaining wellness without the need for X-rays.

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James Tan

No more Sinus

I used to have very bad sinus problems that caused a lot of inflamation and swelling on my forehead and T-zone. During the worst periods, I usually cannot do anything due to severe migranes and headaches. The only thing I could do was to lie down and wait for it to pass. After just 4 chiropractic sessions (4 months ago), I can sleep well and has zero sinus problems in these 4 months...and counting!


Lee Leng Leng

More than health, it's happiness

I have a desk job and I work 8 hours a day and I constantly have back, shoulder and neck ache. Everyday after work I would have no energy and spirit to do anything else. This has created an impact on my family, they have not gotten much of my attention previously. My friend recommend me chiropractic service, I tried it out for the first 10 sessions, the effect was amazing! I slept better, I got more energy, no more soreness and ache, and my happiness just kept pouring out. My children are loving the new me!



Fast and Neat

I always bring my parents and family out for a walk during weekends. Recently my mom kept complaining on the knees and body ache, her movement is slower as well and less interested to go out. I have done chiropractic session before, hence I persuaded her to try. After four sessions, she now automatically reminds me when is her next season!


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